5 January 2015

Tom Ford Mini Lippies

For Mr. Tom Ford, nothing is more important than perfect lips. They are the central point of every face and have the power to define a women's whole look. So it was no surprise when the famously perfectionist designer launched the most elegant mini-lipstick I've seen yet, ideal for popping into your party clutch, or to just sneak in your makeup kit and carry it with you where ever you go.
Each of the 50 glamorous shades carries a male name that matches with the certain person that has left quite an impression on Mr. Ford throughout his life. I bought my lips & boys online from ebay and was more then happy with what I got. The colour payoff from this range is impressive. Specially treated pigments are blended to deliver high impact hues with the perfect hint of luminosity. But the collection doesn’t just drench your pout with seriously punchy shades, it also keeps your kisser hydrated and nourished with exotic ingredients like soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil.

Buying only three for New Years obviously wasn't enough, so I decided on getting some more while I still could. After all, the price difference ($32 vs. $50) which is not so little enables you to buy more shades and have the option to try the whole collection. A full-sized Tom Ford lipstick contains 0.10 oz. of product, the new miniature lipsticks contain 0.07 oz. The $18 dollar price difference when you divide it per ounce seems reasonable in my opinion, you still get the same experience with the satisfying click and Tom Ford embodiment on the bullet. Even though the lipsticks are smaller in size they’re the same quality as the original sized lipsticks.

Here are the 50 shades with reference to their current and past seasonal names:

Nudes – Browns: 
1. Holden (current: Vanilla Suede #26)
2. Beau (current: Blush Nude #13)
3. Henry (past seasonal: Warm Sable)
4. Gustavo (new)
5. Pavlos (new)

Silvers – Blacks: (all new)
6. Casey
7. Orlando
8. Peter
9. Stavros
10. Alasdhair

Metallics: (all new)
11. Kyril
12. William
13. Sebastian
14. Omar
15. Blake

Light Pinks – Mauves:
16. Ian (new)
17. Flynn (new)
18. Addison (current: Pink Dusk)
19. James (past seasonal: Twist of Fate)
20. Richard (past seasonal: Negligee)

Pop Pinks – Roses: (all new)
21. Alexander
22. Patrick
23. Michael
24. John
25. Giacomo

Fuchsias – Magentas 
26. Preston (new)
27. Justin (new)
28. Cooper (past seasonal: Pure Pink)
29. Jack (new)
30. Francesco (new)

Corals – Oranges
31. Luca (new)
32. Matthew (new)
33. Adriano (current: True Coral)
34. Tomas (new)
35. Rafael (new)

36. Rory (new)
37. Deigo (new)
38. Alejandro (past seasonal: Slander)
39. Luciano (new)
40. Leonardo (past seasonal: Smoke Red)

Violets – Orchids
41. Olivier (new)
42. Julian (new)
43. Pablo (new)
44. Xavier (current: Violet Fatale)
45. Liam (new)

46. Collin (current: Indian Rose)
47. Cary (current: Casablanca)
48. Didier (past seasonal: Moroccan Rouge)
49. Guillermo (new)
50. Wes (new)

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