21 January 2016

Aussie Fashion Bloggers

Hello loves!

Today it dawned on me that I haven't really updated my blogroll in a while, so in this post I'll be presenting some of the top notch bloggers that I read all day every day.

Watching the famous E! tv show called Fashion Bloggers brought to my knowledge these amazing Australian fashion bloggers that are so creative and give all kinds of tips for a newcomer like myself. See all of them below, and check out some of the extra things I left for you.

Nadia Fairfax

Kate Waterhouse

Zanita Whittington

Sara Donaldson

Amanda Shadforth 

For all of you who know well these fashion bloggers here is a little quick quiz to see which fashion blogger suits your style. Simply answer three questions and discover which of the show’s stars is your stylemate.

Your signature style is...

  1. The perfect pairing of designer meets art
  2. Race day chic at its best
  3. Monochrome made edgy
  4. Sports luxe with a girl-next-door twist
  5. Creative, bold and always original
Your fashion motto is:

  1. Black is never boring if you wear it the right way
  2. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!
  3. Sure, I wear red – but only ever on the lips
  4. A smile adds an extra 10 per cent to any outfit
  5. Never be afraid to take risks
Your dream fashion buy would be:

  1. A Balenciaga bag
  2. A hat that really turns heads
  3. A classic black dress that you’ll keep forever
  4. The perfect petite frock
  5. A pair of statement heels in a statement colour

Right, time to see which of the Fashion Bloggers you could learn a trick or two from.
If you answered:
Mostly a: Your Fashion Blogger muse is Amanda Shadforth – the expert stylist who knows how to style herself and a shoot. If you want your outfit to perfectly complement your surroundings, then this is the gal to follow. Just ask her almost 1 million social media followers.

Amanda Shadforth, Oracle Fox
Mostly b: Your Fashion Blogger muse is Kate Waterhouse – the racing family royalty who can teach us all a thing or two about the art of nailing race wear etiquette. Ever-stylish Kate knows how to nail the right outfit for the occasion - whether she’s looking classy track-side or effortlessly chic when she’s off-duty as a mum. 

Kate Waterhouse,
Mostly c: Your Fashion Blogger muse is Sara Donaldson, pioneer of the black, white and grey movement. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a neutral wardrobe means dull dressing, though. Far from it. This fashionista’s outfits still pack a punch.

Sara Donaldson, Harper & Harley

Mostly d: Your Fashion Blogger muse is newcomer Nadia Fairfax. She’s proof, if ever you needed it, that you don’t need to be supermodel height to pull off supermodel clothes. She’s mastered the art of dressing perfectly for her frame, and often adds in a nod to her gymnast past in the outfits she puts together.

Nadia Fairfax, Fairfax Journal

Mostly e: Your Fashion Blogger muse is Zanita Whittington – former model-turned photographer and all-round fashion genius. Her social media offers a whirlwind of inspiration, no matter what your style. Expect the unexpected and prepare to be wowed.

Zanita Whittington,

And for those of you who still have not seen this show here is the first episode of season 2, check it out, I really hope you fall in love with this tv show as much as I have.




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