29 January 2017



There's no one quite as extraordinary as this man. Just hours ago he became the first man ever to hold 18 Grand Slam titles and to win one at the age of 35, right at the time when we all thought that all hope was lost for this man, and that he may in fact wish it so badly, but could never stand a chance to win another major title in tennis.

I feel as if it were yesterday when I was only 10 years old and first started watching his tennis matches on TV and rooting so badly for him to win every single point. To this day I smile and cry to all his victories and loses, I still jump like a little child whenever he masters a difficult challenge ahead of him and follow his every move on the court as if it were my own. He made me fall madly in love with this game we call tennis, where nothing is over until it's over, and where players can come up and down so many times during a match, making as simply witchcrafted while sitting in our chairs and sofas until they reach that final winning point.

There were moments of genius from both players today, a stunning forehand angled winner from Nadal as he dominated the fourth set, a breathtaking 26-stroke rally in the fifth that ended with a crushing Federer forehand, but in the end the attacking instincts of Federer held sway.

Neither had been able to produce their very best consistently and it was Federer's turn to leak forehand errors as he fell behind in the fourth set, and Nadal appeared the stronger as they headed into a decider.

Federer needed an off-court medical time-out, just as he had before the fifth set of his semi-final against Stan Wawrinka, and he had treatment to his thigh on the changeover as he fell 3-1 behind.

Despite his physical issues, Federer continued to press on the Nadal serve, earning break points in each game until he finally converted a sixth to level at 3-3.

The Rod Laver Arena crowd roared as the Swiss swept through a service game and then broke again in a dramatic game, winning a 26-stroke rally that will rank among the best ever.

Closing out a Grand Slam final was never going to be easy after five years, and Federer had to recover from 15-40 before firing a forehand onto the line and waiting for Hawk-Eye to confirm that this was in fact a historic winner and a historic moment for him and also for all of us watching.

"Tennis is a tough sport, there are no draws. If there were I would have been happy to accept one and share it with Rafa." said Federer in his trophy acceptance speech.

"Everybody says they work very hard, I do the same, but I try not to shout about it. I'd like to thank my team. It's been a difficult last six months. I didn't think I'd make it but here I am."

The injury lay-offs meant Federer was seeded 17th in Melbourne and Nadal ninth, but the Swiss will now return to the world's top 10 and Nadal will move up to sixth, which in a way is a win-win for both of them. Nadal is an amazing player that will certainly win many more titles that will come his way and will thrive doing so.

I would say that this was definitely Federer's night and also his tournament, where all the dots just connected themselves when we all least expected them to. He showed us what it means to be a fighter and to never give up on your dreams and goals.

So as Federer marks his comeback in 2017, with this (a bit different) blog post I am marking mine and am more then happy to return to my online diary after a much needed break, feeling full of energy and ready to kick off this 3rd year of blogging.

Hope that you've enjoyed this new blog post and I hope to see you very soon guys!😁

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