5 May 2017

Golden Rose Liquid Lipsticks + Foundation Review

As I've said many times before, I am always searching for makeup gems amongst different brands so that I would test them out properly and present them to you on my blog. After all that's what I'm here for and I will give all the details you need in order to decide on your own if you would purchase these products or not.

This is the first time I've purchased any Golden Rose products, and I have to say that the outcome was pretty surprising in the most positive way. I know I've so far said many great things about the products that I have featured on my blog, but that is just simply the truth. I rarely buy makeup products that don't work for me just because I do my homework first and watch or read loads of reviews and opinions of different people online (something that you are doing at the moment), and then I make up my mind whether or not to buy a certain product. This is just a bit of investment in time on your laptop that will cost you so little compared to not knowing anything about the makeup you're buying and splurging a fortune buying stuff that just don't work for you.

So without any further ado, let's get into this...

The Longstay Liquid Matte Lipsticks in the shade 05 and 13 are long lasting, full-coverage and non-transfer lipsticks. They're enriched with Vitamin E and Avocado oil that leave the lips soft and non-sticky, and the texture is quite creamy and smooth and doesn’t dry your lips at all. The formula is really lightweight and applies really thin, one layer is enough because it is quite pigmented. If you want a more intense look you can easily apply a second layer, but I wouldn't really recommend it just because it leaves your lips looking very clumpy and textured, and I'd say that this is a product that doesn't build any further.

The lipsticks glide over your lips which makes them very easy to apply, but on the down side this makes it difficult to get a straight line since it’s not easy to control, and after applying them, the formula dries very slowly, which is also another bad thing. The biggest plus on these lipsticks is the fact that they actually are really long lasting. I can easily wear them for up for 6/7 hours without smudging or fading away, but I must say that if you eat or drink anything it starts to fade fast and you'll need a touch-up right away, especially when eating something oily.
There are a few other shades of these lipsticks, find the one you want and try it because they are so good 😊

Next up is the Golden Rose Satin Smoothing Fluid Foundation in the lightest shade No.21. It's in a mattified glass bottle with a very strange cap, which I find totally impractical and think they should have just gone with a regular one instead. The ingredients of the foundation are very important to mention in this case just because the older formula of this foundation was filled with Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben,Isobutylparaben (an entire family of parabens) and also it has BHT, which is a well known notorious preservative. The good thing about this new foundation is that the ingredients are a lot safer, the paraben was thrown out and the BHT and propylene glycol as well, but polyglyceryl-3-diisostearate and benzophenone-3 stayed and that is not so good, because they are dangerous ingredients. Also worth mentioning is that the newer foundation contains a lot more silicon in it.


Because of all these reasons I decided that this foundation will be one of those that I would wear occasionally, and when I did it looked so good on the skin. It has not matte, not dewy, but an actual satin finish like it says on the bottle, and the coverage was medium, but buildable. The shade range is fine, but there is always room for more lighter and darker toned shades to be added to the range, and also I'd prefer if this foundation wasn't so pink based just because I am a little more yellow-toned and can't really get away with wearing shades with that kind of undertone to them.

The problems I had with this product were that it felt really heavy on the skin if I'm outside in hot weather, and it was very sticky as well, until I realised that I always have to set it even if my skin doesn't get oily at all (except on the nose after a while), so my advice is to always set this with a setting powder. I wouldn't recommend buying this product to those of you with either too oily or too dry skin, just because it wouldn't last that long on those of you with oily, and would cling to those dry areas on those of you with very dry skin. The combination skin type dolls would love this foundation and I'd highly recommend they try it 😀

All in all my impressions from both the lipsticks and the foundation were very good. For such cheap price you get a product whose quality I could easily measure up to most drugstore and also high-end products, which only proves my theory that you don't have to invest a lot of money to find a good quality makeup that will make you look radiant.

That was all for today my loves 😉

Till next time...



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