The Best Drugstore Mascara?!

23 October 2017

Essence is such an amazing and affordable drugstore brand that I happen to adore so much. Every time I shop anything from their product range in our drugstores I do it guilt-free because I know it won't be to costly on my wallet.

Two weeks ago I stopped by the drugstore to get a mascara (because I happen to frequently be running out of it) and what I was really hunting for was a decent priced mascara that will give my long lashes a feel like I have false-ies on every day. My first thought was Rimmel London and their Scandal Eyes mascara range, but as soon as I saw that they didn't have the one that I wanted ( my trustee Scandal Eyes mascara with a black tube and an orange cap on top) I went to the Essence Cosmetics counter. I saw the two new mascaras that they brought out from the new range, but they simply just didn't seem to catch my eye somehow, so then I saw the Lash Princess mascaras right next to them both in black tubes, but one was with a purple writing on it and the other with an aqua blue. On the aqua blue Lash Princess mascara I noticed that it said "false lash effect" which was exactly what I was looking for. Without too much hesitating I bought it and two weeks later after testing it each day I finally came to an opinion about this product.

So this mascara retails for about 3.50 euros and you get 12ml/0.40 fl.oz. of product inside. The packaging is very cute and girly, like most Essence products. There is aqua blue rubber detailing all over the tube in a form of a corset worn back in the days by women which adds to the beauty of the product. The bristles on the brush are short and densely packed. Being short they do not poke the eyes and can be used on the lower lashes as well with ease. It has a very creamy, non-watery texture inside and it goes on the lashes like a dream. Firstly brushing through my naturally long lashes with the wand I get elongated and curled spidery lashes (that I absolutely love!) without any clumping. You can choose to stop there with the one coat, but I love to be extra dramatic with my lashes and need to put another coat on. This second coat will extend your lashes even more and if you are not careful with the way you work with the brush they may easily become clumpy. So I would suggest to use very slow strokes with the brush and you'll get an amazing result like I did in this picture shown below...

I've also been testing the longevity of the mascara each day when I went to work, and I can honestly say that it lasts very nicely after 8 hours at the office and holds that curl. What I don't like is that after 4-5 hours the mascara is becoming a little bit heavy on the eyes, but because the lashes look so damn good I got used to that heaviness.


• Super cute packaging
• Gives and holds length and curl of the lashes
• Cruelty free
• Affordable
• Long stay


• Possible clumpiness when second coat is applied
• Feels heavy on the lashes after 4-5 hours of wear

To conclude, I would definitely give this mascara a 4/5 stars for it's performance all throughout and would recommend anyone to get this if they are on a budget, but love that false lash effect 😏

Till next time loves,

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