Maybelline 24karat Nudes Palette

18 June 2018

You all know by now that I'm an Essence/Catrice Cosmetics kind of girl and like to stay very fateful to brands that I love, but I have recently tried so many new products (well at least new to me) from Maybelline NY and was so blown away that I just had to share my experience with you!

So because I was so blown away by Maybelline I thought I'd share my first of many reviews to come, and this one is on the new 24karat Nudes palette.

While trying out this product I was at first a little sceptical about the quality of the eyeshadows because of the fact that Maybelline has released so many similar palettes in the past to this one and most of the beauty bloggers I personally follow and respect weren't that enthusiastic about this new launch.

Particularly for this palette I found that the eyeshadows in general weren't as powdery and didn't cause much fall out at all. This proves my theory that this product has much much better quality than it's predecessors.

I definitely found my own way of using this palette and have ended up LOVING it so so much that made me want to share my over all impressions with you.

The design is typical as per all previous Nudes eyeshadow palette launches - a small plastic box, this time it’s golden and lives up to the name 24 karat. The thing that remains unchanged is the plastic transparent window from which you get a preview of all the shadows inside, and as per usual on the back of the palette there are different makeup schemes as a simple guide for makeup beginners.

At first sight I fell in love with the colours especially with those amazing golden, purple, dark-green shades. I am almost absolutely certain that the shadows quality became better, they are creamier now and I noticed a pleasant silkiness in some of the shades.

Maybellines' 24karat Nudes consists of 12 gorgeous shades...

The top row:

  •  Peachy shimmer shade - middle pigmentation;
  • Chocolate-brown matte - great pigmentation;
  • Silver shimmer shade - very pigmented, beautiful as a highlight shade in the inner corner or as a face highlighter;
  • Light-beige shade - contains lots of shimmer, feels dry and has some fallout when applied;
  • Beige matte shade - perfect for setting your eye primer, has great pigmentation;
  • Creamy gold - great pigmentation, very soft texture and feels like putting on a foil eyeshadow.

The bottom row:

  • Light beige shimmer shade - middle pigmentation;
  • Purple shade - the pigmentation is ok, but it looks and feels very dry on the eye;
  • Dark-green shade - highly pigmented and looks great on the eye;
  • Black-grey matte shade - creamy with very good pigmentation;
  • Bronze shimmer shade - creamy with great pigmentation;
  • Grey-black shimmer shade - great pigmentation.

On my eyes I managed to try out 8 of the 12 eyeshadows and here is how that look turned out:

So in case you're curious which particular shades I used on my lid here is a picture showing you...

My final thoughts are that this palette is definitely worth the buy and has amazing quality for such a great price ( around 12€ depending where you purchase it). I wouldn't recommend buying it if you don't enjoy more complicated eyeshadow colour patterns like this palette offers. I advise those of you who like a little bit of challenge and like more complicated eyeshadow palettes such as this one to buy it and give it a try because I guarantee you will be very pleasantly surprised.

That's all for today my darlings...

Till next time!

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