Soph x Revolution "Extra Spice" Palette

4 November 2018

She is one of my favourite YouTubers who is known as ‘Sophdoesnails’ - but not really anymore ๐Ÿ˜. She’s extremely down to earth and super talented when it comes to creating any sorts of makeup looks. She reviews the latest products in the beauty world, trying out all kinds of products from low to high priced, but she mostly preferres reviewing drugstore brands. I highly recommend that you go and check out her channel here.

Even though this palette launched back in June, it only just now arrived in our makeup stores in my hometown (Skopje). So of course after testing it out throughout the entire last week a review was due for this sunny Sunday!

So for all of you who don't know... this palette is actually considered “the sequel” to it's predecessor, so it follows kind of the same colour pattern as the first. The packaging of the "Extra Spice" is a reversed version of the first, with rose gold on the palette and the letters in matte beige. It’s absolutely gorgeous for a drugstore palette, and I dare say that you even get the feeling like you're using some high end quality palette for the price of just 10£.

I literally butchered this palette ๐Ÿ˜„ it just goes to show how much I like and enjoy using it!

Inside you get a full sized mirror, and 18 eyeshadows which are cruelty free and vegan might I add. She actually heard her audience and instead of putting the shade names on a piece of plastic covering the eyeshadows like the last time, on this palette she inprinted all of the names underneath each shade, which I think is so great!

When it comes to the shadows they all perform really well. The shimmers are vibrant, mattes are rich in colour, but the only thing that bothered me about the mattes it's the fact that they are pressed a little bit too hard. What I mean is when you are making matte shades and they are vegan formulated it's a bit harder to work with them and get instant pay-off pigment on the eye if they are pressed too hard in the pan. I would have preferred if they were matte pressed pigments,because those are really easy to work with and give instant pay-off. But putting that aside, they all blend and work with each other really well when you have applied an eyeshadow base on the lids.

So let's finally get into each shade individually...

Every Day – A duo-chrome pale purple with a white/iridescent shift
Running Late – A matte orange with a light brown undertone
Infinity – A silver/metallic shimmer
Cheesecake – A matte chestnut brown with red undertones
Cookie Dough – A matte soft/light brown
Dreams – A warm copper shimmer
Vitamin C – A bright matte yellow
Sweet n Sour – A warm matte orange
Twenty One – A cherry pink with red undertones
Romance – A rich burgundy shimmer with a pink shift
Enchanted – A matte purple with red wine undertones
Lakes – A matte olive/khaki green
Brownies – A deep brown with purple undertones
Chocolate Orange – A warm brown with red undertones
Mulled Wine – A matte purple
L.A. Sun – A bright gold shimmer shade
Aurora – An olive/khaki shimmer shade
Reputation – A matte charcoal black



Overall, I am so so impressed with this palette. Soph has given us a fantastic product along with three beautiful nude lippies that I unfortunately don't have at the moment, but I might buy them really soon.

The palette is just an absolute dream, but as I said there are some things that I would change when it comes to the matte shades and how hardly pressed they are. Setting that aside the shades are honestly really very good. The quality of the packaging is amazing let alone the shades! The shimmers are so buttery and creamy and the mattes are easy to blend out on the eyes regardless of the fact that I complain throughout this whole post about the hard pressing in the pan thing. This palette is so fairly priced, maybe even underpriced for what it offeres to the consumer.

Have you tried out or got your hands on the new Soph x Revolution palette? If you have let me know in the comments section down below ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Love you guys!

Till next time...

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