3 December 2018


Hello everyone! In today's BlogMas Day 3 blogpost I'll be giving you my impressions of a product I've been using for exactly a year (A YEAR GUYS! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?) and never quite managed to blog my thoughts on it.

The product I'm speaking of is the Essence Cosmetics Prismatic Hololighter stick in the only shade available called 10 Be Unique Be a Unicorn.

So lets begin this long overdue review...

Essence Cosmetics is on trend when it comes to the whole holographic/duo-chrome-y theme going on for more then a year now, and so they've released their version of a unicorn/holo highlighter. This cream highlighter stick retails for around 4€ and in Skopje you can still find it in all our dm markt drugstores. If you find it to be sold out (which almost always is) try the exact dupe by Catrice Cosmetics in an exact same packaging only pink.

Speaking of packaging... as I mentioned it is a standard stick highlighter that twists up and has a cap.
The cap can come of easily and the tag on the stick itself comes of rather easily as well.

At first sight it looks like nothing special when you twist up the product inside, but when you put it on your skin is when it really catches the light. Once you apply it you can see that it has a blue/ purple/ pink sort of shift to it and gives off such freshness on the skin. It is creamy, non greasy, requires warming up on the hand before application for the perfect look to be achieved.

The product lasts so well on the skin throughout the day even if you don't set it with a powder highlighter like I usually tend to do. It gives of such luminous sheen on the skin and such freshness.

When it comes to the shade, because it is so unique it won't suit everyones skin tone. I myself have a pale skin tone and this highlighter shade works perfectly on my skin.

For the application part itself it is best to rub some product on the back of your hand to warm it up and then get your beauty sponge and tap and blend on your skin. I would advise against applying this straight from the stick as that moves your foundation around.

To sum this BlogMas Day 3 blogpost I will just say that I am a huge huge fan of cream highlighters and am deeply deeply in love with this gorgeous Essence Hololighter and would whole-heartedly recommend you to grab this product in the local dm markt drugstores near you before it sells out or gets pulled off the shelves.

Till tomorrow my loves...

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