2 December 2019

I have naturally big lashes, but I'm constantly looking for a mascara which can give me big voluminous lashes.
I have used Essence Cosmetics mascaras in the past and mostly ended up enjoying all of them. When it comes to the I LOVE EXTREME VOLUME mascara I was very much looking forward to trying it especially do to the fact that it claimed to make your lashes go va va voom! 😉 

The bottle of this mascara just screams pink and I absolutely adore it! The tube is quite big, but very lightweight to the touch.

The wand of the mascara is a bit intimidating because of its size, but personally I had no difficulty in using it. The great thing about this type of wand is the fact that it performed excellent on the upper lashes and made them super long, curled and volumunus, but failed me when I went on to apply some mascara on the lower lash line. This fact made me conclude that bigger mascara wands just don’t cooperate well on the bottom lashes, so you need to be extra careful while coating them.

The formula is neither too wet nor too dry and it's very lightweight. With one coat your lashes already appear to be longer and thicker. Applying more than one coat gives me full on huge spidery and voluminous lashes. The staying power is great, lasts all day and it does not smudge, but if you like to put more coats on your lashes it will result in flaking throughout the day. Removing the mascara takes no effort at all as it is not the waterproof version and can be removed using any makeup remover or cleanser. 


  • Budget friendly;
  • Smudge proof;
  • Lightweight formula;
  • Excellent for both day and nighttime;
  • Cute Packaging.


  • Gives clumpy lashes with more than 2 coats;
  • Difficult to use on the lower lashes;
  • It flakes if more then 2 coats are applied.

I really didn't know what to expect from this mascara at first, but it definitely blew me away after testing it out. As for it's price it goes from 4 to 5 euros, depending on where you buy it.

My final thoughts are that this is an amazing product that really does what it promises and also is super affordable and lasts me up to 6 months.

That's all for today's Blogmas Day 2 my loves.



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