5 December 2019

For Blogmas Day 5 I have planned out to share with you my thoughts on a few beauty products specifically by Avon Cosmetics so that you'll know how each of them performs if you happen to decide on buying some of them.

So... let's get into part 1 of the review!
Avon True Matte lipsticks

For the past year I have been proven time and time again that Avon matte lipsticks in a regular lipstick format have one of the best matte formulas on the market and I am simply addicted and keep buying them over and over again.

These lipsticks have a matte, soft to the touch plastic black packing on the bottom (except for the lipstick all the way on the right end of the photo above, which has a full top to bottom black packaging), and have colourful toned top with a silver ring in the middle. Each bullet has also embossed an official Avon logo on the silver ring, and you can find the shade name of each of the lipsticks to be on the bottom. 

In each packaging there are 3.6 grams of product and the regular price is 8.50€, but you can usually get each for around 4€.

All of these lipsticks have a creamy formula that is not dragging on the lips which means that it is a very comfortable matte to wear unlike some of the liquid lipsticks on the market. The pigmentation is very good and you usually don't need more than two swipes across the lips for an full on opaque look. There is also an interesting scent to each of them which has some sort of a fruity note to it.









Avon Clear Skin Blemish Clearing Jelly Mask 

As a person who suffers from acne and lots of blemishes on the skin throughout the years, I always am on the lookout for any product that caters to battling with these kind of issues.

This Blemish clearing jelly mask feels gooey to the touch, and it also has a very soft and as the description points out very jelly-like texture. The product inside is purple which matches the purple description on the outside of the packaging.

I usually tend to apply a generous amount of the mask onto the face and it instantly gives me a kind of a tingly feeling which is a bit intense and even makes me feel itchy sometimes, but it quickly tends to go away. You are recommended to keep the mask on for fifteen minutes as per the instructions in the official Avon catalogue.

Washing it off later is proven to be the most efficient with a dampened wash cloth and some luke warm water and just as soon as you take it off, you are left with a very fresh and plump-looking skin, and your blemishes are less red and are looking more calm.

This is not a mask that you should use everyday, but only 1 or 2 times a week, depending on your preference.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who is dealing with lots of imperfections on the face on a daily basis, because this really helped my skin a lot.

Avon True 5-in-1 Lash Genius Mascara


Full volume, beautiful length, lasting lift, precise definition and dramatic black colour.

These are the 5 features Avon discovered that each consumer is looking for in 1 mascara.

Avon definitely understood that customers were not prepared to compromise, so even if the mascara gives them full, thick fanned out lashes, if it doesn’t deliver a formula that’s jet black enough, or gives the length they want, they’ll stray and choose something better. So, they set about creating a solution to all five features in one. The result, is their new 5-in-1 Lash Genius Mascara which launched back in August of this year.

The formula is ink black of course, gives instant intensity and is infused with deep carbon-black pigments that are both buildable and lightweight.

The wand of the mascara is thick, plastic and ultra spiky. Even the very tip is layered with bristles. It enables the bristles to get right into the inner eye corners to catch those small hairs there.
When coated with the mascara, my lashes felt fluttery and lenghty rather than heavy looking. 

It gave me lots of volume while also separating the lashes. One thing to note though, is that the more you layer on this mascara for volume, the more you compromise on definition and separation. Two coats, for me is the sweet spot, apply more and it will start to get clumpy and flakey.

 Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad 


 This is a quad eyeshadow palette and the shade that I chose is named Mocha Latte.
The packaging of the eyeshadow palette is made out of plastic, is pretty sturdy, shiny and black. It contains 5 grams of product, the original price of it is 8 €, but you can get it for a lot cheaper, for eg. I bought mine for 5€. 

It has a mirror inside, which is super nice, and it also has one of those applicators on the right side, but as you can see I don't seem to use them a lot 😀.

The packaging opens when you push the little button, so it's safe to have with you in the bag, because it won't open.

The eyeshadows themselves are a very nice quality and are very pigmented, although be warned that there is quite a bit of fallout when you dip your brush in there. 

There are 2 mattes and 2 shimmer shadows, and they all have numbers on them which basically explain which shade should go on the lid in which order.

I would highly highly recommend buying one of these quads, especially because they have proven to be so convenient while I'm traveling somewhere and don't have enough place to take with me a really big eyeshadow palette.

That is all for the part 1 of this Avon product review, expect more for Blogmas day 6!

Till tomorrow...



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