6 December 2019

Hey guys! For today's Blogmas post we are continuing on with part 2 of the review of my Avon Cosmetics products 😁

So let's continue...
Avon Anew Clinical Anti-wrinkle Plumping Concentrate

This anti-wrinkle concentrate is a part of the Anew clinical line from Avon and has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid for the best anti-wrinkle results. I've been testing this concentrate each night on my skin for a while now and this bottle is almost completely gone, and it was so nice of Avon to gift me another bottle of this amazing product.

The packaging of the bottle is glass, painted in sparkly blue colour, holds precisely 30ml of product and it also has a dropper through which you apply the concentrate on the face.

The plumping power of the concentrate results from the pure 1.5% hyaluronic acid enhanced with a tri-molecule blend for deeper penetration on the skin. The way I apply it is I take one drop of this product and spread it around in an upward and outward motion to cleansed face and neck each night before going to bed.

The main benefit from using this concentrate was that I've visibly noticed a difference to my skin within a couple of days and saw my skin to be more fresh-looking and more hydrated. It's also worth mentioning that my skin during winter is usually super dry and dehydrated from not drinking enough water, sitting in an air-conditioned office where it's so warm all the time and also 
the harsh cold weather tends to exhaust my skin, so this is why I love hyaluronic acid induced skincare products and this one too did not disappoint.

P.S. I also use this concentrate on my dry hands... and needless to say... they are not dry anymore 😀

Avon Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration face mask & eye gel mask

These masks are formulated with Mediterranean olive oil and are meant to give you intense hydration. I really am such a fan of the Planet Spa line from Avon, I think it has some great quality products that work really well for me.

The packing is really simple on both products, it's a light green tube with gold details on it. In the tube of the face mask you get precisely 75ml of product and in the eye gel mask tube you get 15ml which is a standard amount for any eye product. Both of them have a really light, creamy and gel-like texture.

When it comes to the face mask, you are supposed to apply a thin layer of it all over the face and leave it in for 20 minutes on the skin. After the 20 minutes pass, you should wash the mask off with some warm water and dry out the face.

The eye gel mask is a product which is specifically made for hydrating your under eye area. Unlike the face mask where you are suppose to remove it after 20 minutes, the eye gel mask should stay all the way throughout the night on your under eye area so as to have the best effect. I don't know if you'll believe me or not, but you instantly see a difference every morning if you have applied the eye gel mask the previous night.

Both products are extremely cheap and happen to work wonders for my skin, so I'd definitely highly recommend for you to try them out if you haven't yet.

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte lipstick







Last but not least on my Avon product review list are these gorgeous matte liquid lacquers from the line Mark. These lippies are one of the most comfortable on the lips and remind me so much of the Bourjois matte velvet liquid ones.

The packaging is quite basic, but is very practical. The plastic bottle is see-through meaning you can see the color of the lacquer. The top is a matte black for the matte version of this lipstick, but there are also shiny black caps for the shiny version of the lip lacquers.

At the bottom of the bottle, you’ll find the name of the color, as per usual with Avon lipsticks. Each bottle holds 7ml of product which will last you quite a long time.

The formula of the lippies is quite thick and opaque. They have a very mousse-like consistency to them and apply really nicely on the lips. The feeling of them is so comfortable, there is no tugging on the lips and the wear time is absolutely amazing, but if you do decide to eat something they will not survive long, but for me it causes no bother to just re-apply them and carry on.  

The only issue I faced with these lacquers is that the wand picks up quite a lot of product, but still that can be very simply solved by wiping away the excess of the product of the top of the bottle. If you’re a fan of liquid lipsticks, I definitely recommend getting these and trying them out, especially if you hate all of those matte, but very drying lipsticks. 

They won't dry out your lips, but instead will keep them nice and hydrated. I'll also will definitely be getting some more shades in the near future. That is all for today's Blogmas Day 6 my loves, thank you so much for reading!

Till tomorrow...



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