I started The Lori Diaries in December 2014 when I was finishing the first semester of my second year in college studying Economics. I knew I wanted to create an online diary, but I wasn’t entirely sure of what to write about. Without hesitation, I signed up for Blogger and wrote my first blog post. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had the passion to learn and evolve, so I did just that. I spent lots of sleepless nights learning how to make html codes, and looking at all those countless YouTube videos that eventually helped me get my blog started.

I went into the process without any expectations, but just to have fun and use The Lori Diaries as a platform to be creative, and hopefully touch many people with my content. It’s amazing what can happen when you truly love what you’re doing. From the beginning this never felt like a “job” to me, but an outlet I always looked forward to at the end of the day or on weekends. It made me happy and excited and kept me motivated and thinking of what to blog about next.

The thing about my story is that it is still being written and everyday brings something new and unique, that’s why it is so exciting and thrilling. So, thank you for following along and for your continued support!



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