24 December 2014

10 Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow

Whether snapping double-tap worthy images of their personal style for Instagram or reporting the international runway’s top looks, bloggers seem to be dominating the fashion world. With a focus on womenswear or personal style, these online influencers have introduced an entirely different way for the modern shopper to find outfit inspiration with a personal flair. 
Personal style bloggers give readers an intimate and tailored approach to the fashion industry. There is definitely a hierarchy of bloggers out there, but fashion changes quickly, and so does the blogosphere.
I’ve compiled a list of my favorite fashion bloggers that you can check out, both established names and hidden gems, that right now inspire me to better myself and my blog.
1.Trop Rouge

A New York model with the best tousled hair I’ve seen since JLaw, Christina Caradona has turned Trop Rouge into a must-visit site for an inside look at the model-slash-bloggers’ cosmopolitan life. From her modeling work with Target to her striking personal style, she’s got it made online—and has a circle of blogger friends to keep you reading for days.

2. Ring My Bell

You might recognize this British beauty Ashley Madekwe as Ashley Davenport on the ABC drama Revenge (one of my favorite TV shows). However, in real life the actress is a personal style guru. Having evoked her London-girl vibes for Ring My Bell, she offers clever style and runway opinions. Nothing beats a girl with humor and “more shoes than sense".

3. Brooklyn Blonde

A personal style blogger, Helena (aka the Brooklyn Blonde) is a born-and-raised New Yorker who, as you’ve probably already guessed, lives in Brooklyn. Her blog showcases her distinct fashion choices and lifestyle, as well as her many travels. (She’s also a must-read simply due to her extensive palette of excellent lip colors, and you know me, I'm a huge sucker for lipsticks.)

4. De Lune

Twenty-something art history student Claire Geist takes red hair and personal style on her blog, De Lune. Her recent accessories collaboration, De Lune X By Boe, has taken this blogger to a whole new level, but she continues to deliver the artsy yet casually cool look she has built her name on.

5. Eat.Sleep.Wear.

A fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog by a graphic designer (and cupcake enthusiast) named Kimberly, Eat.Sleep.Wear. is a go-to site if you’re looking for runway coverage, personal style and outfit inspiration. Kimberly will take you on a tour of the styles worth wearing as you eat, sleep and generally live life.

6. Atlantic-Pacific

Atlantic-Pacific, a blog by Blair Eadie, covers the life of a fashionista caught between coastal influences. Whether you’re looking for edgy West Coast or sleek East Coast, you’ll get the look from Blair, who’s particularly talented with accessorizing her personal style with handbags and jewelry.

7. Honestly WTF

When it came to naming their blog, Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny asked the question that so many of us wonder when confronted with the beauty and quirk of the fashion realm: Honestly WTF? Combining a daily dose of “fashion discoveries and inspirations,” Honestly WTF takes on an entirely fresh perspective while covering fashion, personal style and beauty (think of it like a very sophisticated Pinterest board.). Definitely a bookmark-worthy site.

8. The Spicy Stiletto

New York City transplant and fashion blogger Serena Goh claims to have “never met a heel too high” or a spice she wouldn’t try. That said, it might not come as a shock that this California native hoards her fair share of shoes and loves to cook. Goh pulls her passions together on The Spicy Stiletto, creating a blog that blends her West Coast influences with her East Coast style. If you’re looking for good food and even better fashion, then you’ve found your blog.

9. Queen of Jet Lags

You could see the Queen Of Jet Lags, or Miss Noor De Groot as her passport states, running from one gate to the other on your next visit to an airport anywhere in the world. She will be the blond, slightly un-organised bundle of energy that will leave you wondering, who is that girl? To give the world a bigger glimpse than these ‘go go, rush rush‘ impressions she decided to share these moments more in depth and give the world a little peak inside the life and times of a girl on the move.

10. The Glam and Glitter

A unique Serbian girl who moved to England in 2007 and left all of her life behind in order to chase her dreams. Fashion has always been something that Tamara Kalinic loved, something that might not be a necessity, but it certainly is so much fun. To express her creativity and in a way show who she is without having to follow any rules The Glam and Glitter is a blog about a life lover and a huge fashionista.
Check out my fashion bloggers suggestions, see which ones you like, and follow them day to day on their adventures.

17 December 2014