29 December 2016

What I Got Myself For Christmas

Hello my darlings, I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas a little late, and a Happy New Year a bit sooner because this will probably be my last post for the year on my blog. I will be taking some time off for the holidays because where I'm from we celebrate these things in sort of a different order. 😊

17 December 2016

Essence "The Little Xmas Factory" Trend Edition (Review+Swatches)

Hello my loves 🙋 It's been a while since my last blogpost because I've kind of been focusing on my new YouTube channel (which you can check out with just one click on the YouTube icon in my social media above to your right), so yes I've been quite busy with that for the past month. So on Thursday I went out to shop for some Christmas makeup collections and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that the essence little xmas factory collection arrived in our dm drugstores. I was super super excited that even though I didn't plan on buying essence products that day, when I saw them I just had to get at least 2 things with me. I ended up buying 2 of the xmas products, an essence brow set and also a set of the gorgeous maybelline blushed palette which was on sale at the same drugstore.

18 November 2016

November Newbies

This week I got a bunch of new products and tried them all out to see if they are any good. I am a person who is all for exploring different brands, but sometimes when you find a brand of great quality it's hard not to stick to it. Below there are products from Essence and Aura, my two favorite brands at the moment, so take a look 😊...

When applied individually or in combination on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose or below the lips, these three highlighter powders with light-reflecting pigments accentuate the features with a light pearl, intensive shimmer or golden glow finish. This palette is the only product in this collection that I think is a total miss for me because I can only use the third shade which is a gold highlight that looks great on my skin, but the other two are unusable at all for me due to the fact that the first shade has almost no glow at all and the second or middle one has just way too much shine and shimmer, and when your outside and the sun hits you you're literally looking like a disco ball.😃

The matt touch blush with a soft powder texture creates a matt finish on your cheeks gives your complexion a fresh touch of colour for a healthy look. On the picture it looks a bit dark, but this is actually a shade 30 rose me up! which I find perfect because I like a more neutral color on my cheeks.

The shimmer bronzing powder from the Essence sun club range provides your face and neckline with a shimmering, lightly tanned finish. Its silky-smooth texture looks great on my pale skin, and I use it carefully because it's for darker skin tone, but at the same time it's strangely kind of working for me.

If you prefer pressed powder, this fine, compact powder is for you! It can be applied above foundation to mattify your skin and set your make-up, for a matt, natural and smooth complexion. After trying this thing I will definitely not be using my old essence pressed powder anymore because this new product is just way better.

Beauty partner: make-up and concealer in one
 The texture offers long-lasting, high coverage to hide all skin imperfections and provides a matt and flawless finish – without a mask-like effect. As someone who has constant problem with blemish this is the perfect product to use to hide my imperfections and I highly recommend you try it as well if you're dealing with the same problem as I am.

The texture is different from the primers I used before, this one is more like a cream. My skin sucked it in quickly and almost instantly gave me a healthy shine and a fresh look. If I didn't have as much blemishes I probably would just use this product on my face and would not put on any foundation. Conceals small blemishes and skin redness and some of the pores. It is recommended for all skin types, but I am sure that the ones with dry skin will like it best. What is even more important that this primer does not irritate the skin, so even if you have very sensitive skin feel free to use this. This makes my makeup and the foundation more durable and it stays in place for a long time, for ex. I tested it today and it managed to keep my makeup in place for exactly 9 hours which is amazing for a product this cheap (5 euros).

Last, but not least the Aura makeup brushes that I can not leave without at the moment. I had them for almost a week and they immediately became one of my favorites. There is basically a brush for everything, from foundation to smudging, powder, blush, lip liner, etc. I highly recommend to any of you who have a drugstore near you and they are selling this brand to go and get yourself these brushes.

So that's it guys, comment if you need some more info on the products 😉



14 November 2016

15 Years With Kate Moss

So, as many of you might be aware by now I am IN LOVE with Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipsticks. They are by far my favourite drugstore lipsticks, their colour selection is beautiful, they’re pigmented, they last forever and they have an amazing subtle scent. When I found out that Kate Moss was doing a lipstick collection celebrating her 15 years of collaboration with Rimmel, I knew that I had to have those lippies, and now I finally do!

The most striking thing about this collection is the packaging. The packaging is metallic rose gold with silver and red detailing and it looks very chic and expensive. There are six shades that have been hand picked by Kate Moss and it comprises of three classic reds and three nudes. There are supposedly stories behind the choice of each of these colours, but I mostly fell in love with them because of their colours, their formula, and well, everything really :-D.

The 6 shades that I'll be presenting below are:

Muse Red #51 – blue undertones for cool toned skin
Idol Red #52 – orange based for warm skin
Retro Red #53 – deep, plum tones for neutral
Rock N Roll Nude #54 – pinky nude for cool skin tones
My Nude #55 – neutral nude for neutral skin tone
Boho Nude #56 – apricot tones for warm tones 

Like her other collections, there’s one red and one nude shade designed to suit your skin tone. I’ve been a fan of these lipsticks for years, but they just keep getting better and better!

This collection is available now for £6.49 each (here). 

Without a further ado, here they are...

These lipsticks are creamy, very pigmented and apply very evenly and they do last a decent amount of time on the lips and are very comfortable to wear. I found that each shade wore hours on the lips but tended to wear off completely when eating or drinking, but they are really easy to reapply and don't make your lips feel chapped and dry throughout the day.

Overall I am so impressed with this collection and I have been wearing them every day since getting them (my favourites are Boho Nude and Retro Red). I am actually really bummed that it's a limited edition collection and would love to see Rimmel expand this range with more shades. If this collection peaks your interest, I definitely suggest checking it out at your local dm drugstores in Skopje before it's completely sold out.

Till next time...



13 November 2016

Fall Outfits

After a very rainy and gloomy day yesterday, the sun actually came through for me today so I could meet up with my best friend for a cup of tea (I sound so British) and a little girlfriend to girlfriend chatting. We haven't seen each other in quite a bit, mostly because of how busy we both were this past month, and now that we finally got that schedule free it was time to meet up.
After that we went out and decided on taking some photos for my blog, so below I'll be showing some of the less embarrassing photos of us :-D , which we unfortunately took with my old Nikon camera and are not in such great quality, so please be kind about that. I promise next time I'll deliver a more high quality photos, because these were made in a spur of the moment.

My outfit

Sunglasses - Marks&Spencer
Blouse - Marks&Spencer
Boots - ZARA
Pants - H&M
Coat - ZARA
Bag - Marks&Spencer (Autograph)
Watch - Bershka

Mila's outfit

Boots - BATA
Bag - Bershka
Shirt - Levi's
Dress (in this case used as skirt) - ZARA
Scarf - ZARA
Coat - ZARA
Sunglasses - local store
And that's it for this post guys, till next time...



7 November 2016

Makeup Travel Case

1.What's in my makeup travel case?
2.What are the essential makeup things you need to bring with you when you go abroad?
3.Is less more?

These are the questions that I will be answering below in just a moment. 

Okay, so a few weeks ago I planned a little travel schedule and on it was a few days stay-in in Thessaloniki which actually happens to be finally this week and as you're reading this I probably am already traveling or maybe I've already arrived at my final destination. This post was prepared a few days ago while I was packing my things, and I just set the right time for it to publish and here it is guys. Without further ado let's get on to those answers I promised... 

What's in my makeup travel case?

Some of these products are newbies that I recently acquired and some are just products that you might have recently seen in my previous post here. I've been using some of these for a very long time and can't imagine leaving the house without them. My most recent items in this case are the gorgeous 15 years anniversary limited edition lipsticks by Kate Moss that I got recently and am so looking forward to trying them out. They were the most difficult items to find and buying them was a real challenge. I only took the 4 shades with me for this trip, and when I get back I'm planning on writing a review on all 6 shades this collection has to offer, and will be deciding on whether or not they deserve to be a part of my next favorites post in December.

What are the essential makeup things you need to bring with you when you go abroad?

So for me the most essential makeup things to bring with you are the basic ones, and when I say basic I mean: mascara, lipstick or lipgloss (at least 2 shades), foundation, powder, highlighter, bronzer, blusher. If you manage to buy a kit where you get the last 3 items I just mentioned in one place then that would be a huge plus. Also don't forget the brushes and your beauty blender if you have one, if not you've got to get one, because it's a serious lifesaver.

Is less more?

I am a girl that likes the idea of putting lots of different kinds and brands of makeup on her face, but usually just ends up using the same old basics at the end of the day. That is not such a bad thing at all because I don't want to cake myself up everyday and have tons of things sprung all over my face. Over time I actually learned that that was the thing that made me more beautiful and more natural every time when I looked at myself in the mirror. Also as much as I adore makeup, I am the worst applier ever and before I get that perfect eyeliner line it usually takes about an hour of effort that I don't really have time to waste on. So I guess it's fine that I am not a pro at this and I try to learn as much as I can from people who actually do know what they are doing when it comes to makeup.

Remember that makeup is suppose to bring out your natural beauty and just hide a little bit of those imperfections we all have and not turn us into something that we are not. For me that is why less is always more.

P.S. If you want info on the products shades and numbers comment below.



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