30 April 2016

The Case For Better Travel

There’s a certain childlike giddiness that overcomes most adult consumers when they discover that another one of their mundane, inanimate everyday objects has received something of a Steve Jobs treatment. The suitcases created by Josh Udashkin, a former lawyer and wholesale developer for Aldo come in a 22-inch carry-on size or a 28-inch check-in size and seven colors, range in price from $295 to $595, and are the answers to your luggage prayers. Each piece comes with built-in Bluetooth technology that tracks your bag via a connected app that can also tell you how much your bag weighs once it’s packed and what the fees will be if it’s overstuffed. The app also offers services like showing current TSA wait times, real-time flight schedule alerts, and the current traffic on the routes to and from the airport. The bags also have a small, concealed charging pack for your phone, tablet, or laptop. Raden luggage is currently available through the company’s website and most recently, a chic pop-up store in Soho. (They don’t actually stock the bags, but you can test them out and order on-site.) Aside from the fact that these suitcases have their own TSA-approved batteries and a dedicated app, they’re also brilliantly designed, with hard-shell cases available in a super-durable shiny or matte Makrolon polycarbonate material, and weighing in at a light 7.5 pounds or 11.2 pounds depending on the size. They all feature a completely monochrome look with every handle, zipper, and seam done in the same color of white, black, navy, light blue, lavender, light pink, or forest green (with more colors on the way).

In other words, if Rimowa and Apple had a baby, this is what it might look like. With Raden, it’s definitely time to get excited about an old product made completely new.

So in love with this little suitcase that I just can't wait to get my hands on one for myself, it will definitely make my travels a lot more easier. Hope you liked this random post!

Till next time...