22 August 2016

Exploring My Country

St. John the Baptist is a 19th century monastery standing on the slopes of Debar’s mountain Bistra, above the banks of River Radika. While relatively new, St. John was constructed over the remains of an older church dating from 1021.

Built on a steep slope surrounded by dense woods and rocky hills, St. John is reminiscent of the cliff top monasteries of mountain Athos in Greece. Since the monastery is dedicated to St. John the Baptist, worshippers believe that icons with his image are blessed with a miraculous healing powers.
The monastery has a small silver coffin containing alleged relics of St. John. The monastery complex includes a dining room and an old monastic dormitory, tower, charnel house and two fountains over spilling with fresh mountain water.

I had the rare opportunity to visit this monastery a few weeks back and was amazed by its beauty. I took the liberty of photographing some photos and will show them to you below, so take a look...

Instagram photos:

Nikon photos:


Just seeing these photographs is bound to make you want to visit this magnificent place for at least once in your life, so don't wait, do it!



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