19 December 2017

Metal and Vibrant Shock lip paints by Essence Cosmetics

EN: Almost a month ago I received a lovely PR package filled with Essence/Catrice Cosmetics products for me to try out and I must admit I was super excited to test everything. I definitely took my time with each product and have finally decided to do 3 separate blog posts this week so that I can share my full review with you.

In today's post we are starting off with the gorgeous Metal Shock and Vibrant Shock lip paints. I received two lip paints in the package, one from the Metal Shock family in the shade Lilly of the Valley and the other one from the Vibrant Shock family in the shade Nightstalker.

23 October 2017

The Best Drugstore Mascara?!

Essence is such an amazing and affordable drugstore brand that I happen to adore so much. Every time I shop anything from their product range in our drugstores I do it guilt-free because I know it won't be to costly on my wallet.

Two weeks ago I stopped by the drugstore to get a mascara (because I happen to frequently be running out of it) and what I was really hunting for was a decent priced mascara that will give my long lashes a feel like I have false-ies on every day. My first thought was Rimmel London and their Scandal Eyes mascara range, but as soon as I saw that they didn't have the one that I wanted ( my trustee Scandal Eyes mascara with a black tube and an orange cap on top) I went to the Essence Cosmetics counter. I saw the two new mascaras that they brought out from the new range, but they simply just didn't seem to catch my eye somehow, so then I saw the Lash Princess mascaras right next to them both in black tubes, but one was with a purple writing on it and the other with an aqua blue. On the aqua blue Lash Princess mascara I noticed that it said "false lash effect" which was exactly what I was looking for. Without too much hesitating I bought it and two weeks later after testing it each day I finally came to an opinion about this product.

22 August 2017

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (new formula)

This may be a bad way to start my post, but I'll just go out and say that I have never been a fan of any foundation made by Bourjois. Throughout the years I have bought and tried all and was not ever feeling a 100% at my best while wearing them on my skin on a daily basis. So one day something changed while I was casually strolling the makeup aisles at one of our drugstores in Skopje. I stumbled upon the Bourjois aisle where it said with big letters that the brand has come up with a new and improved packaging and formula of the standard Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation I first tried a few years back. I honestly don't know what came over me but I just decided to swipe my card at the cashiers and risk spending my money on a product that was most likely not going to work and had a price that is a lot higher then any other foundation I use every day.

Ова може да биде лош начин да се започне мојот пост, но јас само ќе бидам искрена и ќе кажам дека никогаш не сум била обожавател на било каква течна пудра направена од брендот Bourjois. Во текот на годините сум ги купила и пробала сите и никогаш не се почувствував 100% најдобаро додека ги носев на мојата кожа секојдневно. Но, еден ден нешто се промени додека случајно шетав низ една од нашите дрогерии во Скопје. Застанав сред штандот на Bourjois, каде што со големи букви пишуваше дека брендот штотуку излегол со ново и подобрено пакување и формула на стандардната верзија на течната пудра Bourjois Healthy Mix, која ја имав пробано неколку години наназад. Искрено не знам што се случи, но одлучив да ја извадам мојата картичка на каса и да ризикувам да ги потрошам моите пари на производ што најверојатно нема да биде за мене и кој има цена што е многу поголема од која било друга пудра која јас ја користам на дневна основа.

After testing this foundation for 5 months I am finally able to write my review 😊

По тестирањето на оваа пудра во рок од 5 месеци, конечно сум спремна да го дадам своето целосно мислење 😊

27 June 2017

Essence Cosmetics "Live, Laugh, Celebrate!" Birthday Trend Edition Review

*This blog post will be strictly on Macedonian due to PR reasons!

*Овој блог пост ќе биде само на македонски поради ПР причини!

6 June 2017

Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara Review

When the Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara landed in my hands, I was quite intrigued by it because it was quite heavy in comparison to any other mascara I owned and it made a clunking noise as I turned it around in my hands. So as I twirled it around like that I started asking myself - "Could this mascara be the next big thing?", "Will it be clump free when applied?", "Will I have as good lashes as Cara does in the new commercial?" 😀

27 May 2017

Colour Correct With Catrice Cosmetics

EN: Colour correcting has been a part of the makeup game for a while now, but I think that just recently a lot of us caught up with it and out of curiosity started to buy various colour correcting products from various brands that are selling them nowadays.

MK: Colour correcting (во буквален превод: исправка со бои) е дел од шминкерската игра веќе некое време, но сметам дека последно многумина од нас почнавме да го следиме овој тренд и од чиста љубопитност да купуваме најразлични colour correcting производи од најразлични брендови кои ги произведуваат во денешницата.

24 May 2017

Essence Blossom Dreams Review

After a long wait I finally got my hands on the new spring trend edition by Essence called "Blossom Dreams". This limited collection was suppose to hit the drugstores from March to April, but unfortunately there was a bit of a mix-up and I was informed that this and also "Little Beauty Angels" collection might not be appearing on our Essence stand in the drugstores at all, but thankfully they sorted it all out and I'm so happy that finally I got to test these beautiful products.

5 April 2017

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

Recently I've been experimenting with a bunch of different foundations from different brands and putting them to the ultimate test. 

Во последно време си поигрував со поприлично различни течни пудри од многу различни брендови и ги ставав на врвен тест.

To my amaze, I can fully state that the new Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation does all of these things that I look for in a foundation, and I am a pretty hard person to fully impress, just because my skin type is really specific by itself (combo to dry skin on the T-zone, with a pretty oily nose after applying the foundation, even after setting it with a setting powder). 

25 February 2017

Sephora Geometricolor Palette Unboxing

In one of my trips to Sephora in Sofia, Bulgaria, I saw this gorgeous makeup palette called the Sephora Geometricolor Palette, and I could simply not resist buying it. I know that every year the brand launches a palette of this kind, I never looked at them very much because I always found them too big and impractical, but this time I decided to give it a chance.

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