5 December 2018


Hello my darlings and welcome to BlogMas day 5! I honestly can't really believe that 5 days have gone by already.

So in today's post I'll be sharing my impressions of the rather new Essence Cosmetics Fresh and Fit foundation.

Essence Cosmetics have launched so many amazing products throughout this year, and I am simply stunned by the fact that all of those products are so good and yet so affordable to the consumer.

4 December 2018


Hello my darlings! I want to start off this BlogMas day 4 blogpost by sharing some very exciting news for all my makeup lovers out there... THERE IS A NEW SPONGE IN TOWN! And by a new sponge I mean the arrival of the most famous Real Techniques Miracle Complexion makeup sponge in our dm markt drugstores all over our country.

3 December 2018


Hello everyone! In today's BlogMas Day 3 blogpost I'll be giving you my impressions of a product I've been using for exactly a year (A YEAR GUYS! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?) and never quite managed to blog my thoughts on it.

The product I'm speaking of is the Essence Cosmetics Prismatic Hololighter stick in the only shade available called 10 Be Unique Be a Unicorn.

So lets begin this long overdue review...

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